Microsoft Windows Projects Kendall L. Dinwiddie

Voler Division of Strawberry Tree, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA
August - September 2004

° Development of control and monitoring software for Acuity AR 200 laser rangefinder. Microsoft Visual Studio.NET C++, MFC and SDK were employed in Windows XP and 2000 Professional.

Alexza Molecular Delivery Corporation, Palo Alto, CA
October - November 2003

° Development of control and monitoring software for multiple nozzle picoliter pharmaceutical deposition system. Microsoft Visual Studio.NET C++ and SDK were employed in Windows 2000 Professional.

Computer Sciences Corporation, Mountain View, CA
September 2001 - December 2002

° Deputy Software Project Manager for Land Warrior distributed, wearable computer system Windows 2000 development. Special purpose external units employ Windows CE, interconnected via proprietary USB.
° Enhanced and rectified graphical user interface displaying echelon chart that facilitates selection of soldiers for login, voice and text messages, situational awareness and remote zeroization. Associated ActiveX control also corrected and enhanced. The development environment was Visual C++ and MFC.
° Created Windows 2000 server for configuration and control of Soldier Control Unit multicast IP addresses, VOIP, audible warnings, etc.
° Developed enhancements to various software modules of the Land Warrior system.

NetCell Corporation, San Jose, CA
July 2000 - August 2001, January - May 2002

° Developed graphical user interface for monitoring and configuring Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives (RAID) disk controller employing IDE drives for all current Microsoft Windows environments.
° Development of a DCOM / ATL server object and user interface client for LAN RAID monitoring and control.
° ActiveX client development for World Wide Web browser based RAID monitoring and control.

Sterling Software, Redwood City, CA
February 1995 - June, 2000; December 1992 - December 1994

° Developed numerous feature enhancements to editor for proprietary scripting language employing Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) and Visual C++ v5.0, including incorporating third party editing DLL.
° Senior Consultant for migration of 800,000-source code line project from 16-bit Borland C++ v3.1 environment to 32-bit Visual C++ v5.0. Provided internal product knowledge, domestic coordination and technical support for offshore team of ten programmers.
° Technical Lead for enhancement project for OEM version of MS Windows mainframe host front-end application. Developed several enhancements for project.
° Performance enhancement development for proprietary application data table access.
° User interface development for integrated ODBC database access.
° Debugged MS Windows mainframe front-end application prior to beta and production releases.

North Beach Labs, San Francisco, CA
July - November 1994

° Ported utility program from MS Windows to OS/2 Presentation Manager.
° Enhanced MS Windows task with new features including self-extracting HELP file.

Fujitsu America, Inc., San Jose, CA
September - November 1992

° Enhanced and debugged MS Windows, C++ fiber-optic telephone system control application. Removed recalcitrant memory leaks, developed graphic window scrolling and enhanced hidden graphic object repaint performance.

Synergistic Detector Designs, Fremont, CA
August 1991 - September 1992

° Developed graphics and image processing subsystem software for a digital radiographic printed circuit card inspection system in MS Windows environment.
° Adapted RCI MS-DOS image processing support library to function within the MS Windows environment.
° Produced user interface and functional code for defining selected regions of the high-resolution image display with rectangular or elliptical outlines, generating and saving corresponding solid templates and extracting histograms from the templated regions for determination of solder joint quality. RCI Trapix image processor with linked 5 Gbyte tape system was employed for radiographic image processing and display.

Logitech, Inc., Fremont, CA
April - June 1992

° Profiled 2800 method C++ program pinpointing areas requiring coding enhancements for speedier response. Recommended timing enhancement techniques. Tuned module for seaming two adjacent image strips.

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