Industrial and Medical Control Projects

Voler Division of Strawberry Tree, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA
August - September 2004

° Development of control and monitoring software for Acuity AR 200 laser rangefinder. Microsoft Visual Studio.NET C++, MFC and SDK were employed in Windows XP and 2000 Professional.

Alexza Molecular Delivery Corporation, Palo Alto, CA
October - November 2003

° Development of control and monitoring software for multiple nozzle picoliter pharmaceutical deposition system. Microsoft Visual Studio.NET C++ and SDK were employed in Windows 2000 Professional.

Aehr Test Systems, Mountain View, CA
November 1996 - August 1997

° Debugged and enhanced real time Borland Turbo C code running in MS-DOS for integrated circuit Pick-and-Place machine. Incorporated new software features supporting new hardware enhancements

Westinghouse Security Electronics, Santa Clara, CA
August - October 1996

° Real time keypad support added to keyless entry system firmware. PL/M development in MS-DOS /
Windows 3.11 for both standalone and proprietary-networked operation.

Fujitsu America, Inc., San Jose, CA
September - November 1992

° Enhanced and debugged MS Windows, C++ fiber-optic telephone system control application. Removed recalcitrant memory leaks, developed graphic window scrolling and enhanced hidden graphic object repaint performance.

Radiant Systems, Inc., Lenexa, KS
February and May - June 1991

° Developed simulation of Nurse's Station medical instrument network monitor using Smalltalk in 80386 environment. Client enhancements to Digitalk Smalltalk V/286 provided additional objects useful for the simulation. Considerable Smalltalk logic coding was required to adequately perform the simulation.

Nellcor Incorporated, Hayward, CA
April 1990 - February 1991

° Object-oriented medical instrument model development. Using Smalltalk V/286 with proprietary additions in an MS-DOS environment equipped with touch-screen monitor, response of a new pulse-oximetry and ECG monitor to pseudo-patient and user was accurately emulated.
° Cadre Teamwork® CASE tools utilized for production user interface design.

Kesa Corporation, Santa Clara, CA
October 1988 - December 1989

° Pharmaceutical infusion pump display and motor control firmware development using Microsoft C; related simulator development including display screen design tools employing Zortech C++. Development environment included both UNIX and MS-DOS platforms networked with Ethernet and PCNFS, in-circuit emulator, etc.

Synergistic Detector Designs, Mountain View, CA
March - September 1988

° System software development for real-time radiographic inspection of a continuous stream of titanium chips for heavy (tungsten carbide) inclusions, facilitating rejection of chips with entrained particles. Required partial histogram extraction during video vertical retraces; continuous dual digital video camera control in response to running average of observed image quality. DEC LSI-11/23, RCI Trapix, RT-11 based using Whitesmith C.

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